The Duckietown@ISARLab is a project aimed at promoting robotics educations. It is the local version of the duckietown initiative, originated at MIT and now being spread over a number of universties and robotic centers. In the following pages, attention will be devoted to the local version of the project. The general projecy, the participating institutions and all the documentation is available at the ducietown web portal: Duckietown. The project started with the work of a number of bachelor thesis. It will be broadly used in the upcaming classes of Intelligent mobile robots. The project is coordinated by Paolo Valigi, with the support of Gabriele Costante, as well as all the IRSALab people. A number of students have contributed so far, namely Andrea Fioroni, Simone Felicioni, Diego Tognelli, Alex Duranti, Federico Parroni, Giovanni Gabbolini and Cristian Allegrucci. A few videos are avaible on the ISARLab youtube channel. All the local documentation can be found within the Unistudium e-learning platform of University of Perugia, at the following starting page ( . Please select "guest access" to get acces.


Lane following by detecting lines with computer vision methods (Simone Felicioni)

Line following with LEDs light changes tracking. (Alex Duranti)

Robot localization and navigation by using marker detection strategies (Federico Parroni)