Abstract – The SEAL project (SMART DOMOTICS FOR SAFE AND ENERGY-AWARE ASSISTED LIVING) aims to develop new knowledge, products and services to put domotic systems on the market (AAL, Ambient Assisted Living) that implement services aimed at safety (for people and living environments) and sustainability (in terms of energy efficiency). SEAL is related to the Smart Cities initiative, which involves the integration of units (at a building, structure and community level) that each operate intelligently. SEAL is project funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) within the call “Smart Cities and Communities and Social Innovation.” The SEAL consortium comprises both companies and Universities: BFT, ELICA, VIDEOTEC, VIMAR, ECAMRICERT and TECNOWATT, and University of Padova, University of Perugia, and University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.

The project ecosystem also comprises three Innovation projects, call SIN projects, funded by MIUR as well:

Project sin_00442 – Synoic smart living tools for community-oriented housing projects

Project sin_00455 – Grin-box sistema avanzato per il monitoraggio ed il controllo della qualità dell’aria indoor

Project sin_00968 – The learning meters network

THE SEAL project has completed the activities, the SIN projects are still undergoing.